Are there any instances where the Contractor can claim for extra costs?

Yes, the Contractor can is entitled to extra cost in the following instances. When instructions by the Owner or the Drawings or Specifications issued after submission of the Bid involve a change, he shall give the Owner written notice thereof within fifteen (15) days after the receipt of such instruction before proceeding to execute the work, except in emergency endangering life or property provided for in Article 18.01.


In addition to this, if the Contractor incurs a delay in the mobilization and/or in the progress of his work for reasons attributable to the Owner, such as but not limited to delay of delivery of Owner-supplied materials, movements or work executed by the Owner which interfere with the progress of the Contractor's work, delayed decisions by the Owner and other matters related thereto, he or she shall give the Owner written notice thereof within fifteen (15) days after recognition of such delay and request the issuance of a change order.


The amount due to the Contractor under this article shall be paid by the Owner in the same manner as any other sum to which the Contractor may be entitled under the Contract, particularly under Articles 20.06, 20.07, 22.05 and 22.10. Any delays in said payment shall entitle the Contractor to an extension of time and to payment of interest in accordance with Article 22.05. Refusal or unreasonable delay by the Owner to pay the amount due shall entitle the Contractor to suspend or terminate the Contract whenever permitted under Article 26.