Can the Owner inspect the premises during the progress of the Work?

Yes. The Owner may conduct inspections of the Work. 

        The Owner shall have access to the Work at all times. The Owner shall provide a sufficient number of inspectors while Work is in progress to ensure its timely inspection.

        The Contractor shall furnish without additional charge all reasonable labor and materials necessary for the convenient inspection that may be required by the inspectors.

        The Owner shall allow inspectors to witness the pouring of concrete and the absence of the Owner's inspectors at any time during the progress of the work shall be an implicit approval of the quality of the cement mix and the authority to pour it.

        If the Specifications, the Owner's instructions, the Laws, or any public authority requires any work to be specifically tested, the Contractor shall give timely notice to the Owner and other parties required to be present of the date and time of such inspection. Inspection by the Owner shall be made at the source of supply.

        If any work should be covered up without timely notice to the Owner, or before the Owner can make a timely inspection thereof, it must, if required by the Owner, be uncovered for examination at the Contractor's expense. If the Owner fails to make an examination, its re-examination may be ordered by the Owner at the Owner's expense but if such work be found not in accordance with the Contract, the Contractor shall shoulder the cost of uncovering and re-doing the work.

        If there are indications that the work done is not in accordance with the Drawings and Specifications, the  Owner may at any time before final acceptance of the Work make an examination of the portion already completed by removing or tearing out the same. If such work is found to be defective in any material respect due to fault of the Contractor, he or she shall defray all the costs of such examination and of satisfactory reconstruction. If, however, such work is found to meet the requirements of the Contract, the actual cost of labor and materials necessarily involved in the examination and replacement plus 15 percent (15%), shall be allowed the Contractor and he shall, in addition, if completion of the work has been delayed thereby, be granted a suitable extension of time on account of the additional work involved.

        All inspection and tests shall be performed as not to delay the work unnecessarily.