Construction Industry Arbitration Commission

  • Mediation - is referred to a single neutral third party, called a mediator, who is tasked to assist the disputing parties arrive at a settlement. The Mediator does not decide. He/she merely...
  • Justice Teresita V. Diaz-Baldos
    Chairman of the Commission
  • Engr. Antonio A. Abola
    Member of the Commission
  • Engr. Emilio Lolito J. Tumbocon
    Member of the Commission




  • 2016 Revised IRR of Republic Act No. 9184
    2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9184Matrix of Changes in the 2016 Revised IRR of RA 9184
  • Construction Industry Arbitration Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004
  • Government Procurement Reform Act

Memorandum Order

Construction Dispute Resolution
Construction Industry Arbitration Commission
Tel. Nos. (02) 897.0853 / 897.9313
Cellphone: 0917-865-6353




  • Announcement to All PCAB Stakeholders and Clients
    In line with our mandate, amidst the present health emergency, the PCAB Board has issued a Board Resolution. Accordingly, notwithstanding the COVID-19 health emergency, yet to enforce proper social distancing, PCAB will be implementing a skeletal workforce and continue to render it’s services to the public during this time. Further, while we understand that our clients and stakeholders may be scared or feeling uneasy because of COVID-19 health emergency, PCAB has come up with the following guidelines and strategy for the protection of everyone. PCAB SHALL BE PRACTICING THE FOLLOWING PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: 1.NO FACEMASK, NO ENTRY. *All Clients and Applicants are required to wear their mask within PCAB premises at all times. 2.All Clients and Applicants are REQUIRED to undergo body heat temperature test with the assigned security guard.a)38 degrees body temperature, NO ENTRY to PCAB lobbyb)Body heat temperature under 37 degrees will be allowed to sign in visitors logbookc)Accomplish PCAB HEALTH SURVEILLANCE FORM (PHSF).d)Apply hand sanitizer/alcohol BEFORE entering PCAB lobby3.All Clients and Applicants with flu like symptoms such as fever, cough, colds and body weakness are PROHIBITED to enter the PCAB lobby and the PCAB counter.4.The distance between Client/Applicant’s chair and counter desk must be one (1) meter apart, AT ALL TIMES.5. PCAB reserves the right to refuse its services to those who would not comply with the above enumerated precautionary measures. We are constantly assessing the situation and should there be any changes, we will provide an update immediately. Rest assured, your health & safety and our team’s health & safety is our utmost priority and we will be exercising all precautionary measures during these times. (signed)Atty. HERBERT D.G. MATIENZOExecutive Director 13 March 2020  





  • PCAB List of Special Licenses Issued for CY 2016 as of 26 Feb 2016
    Click this link to view the list of Special Licenses Issued by PCAB (PDF File) 
  • PCAB List of Licensed Contractors for CFY 2015-2016 as of 26 February 2016
    Click this link to view the list of PCAB Licensed of Contractors (PDF File)