Does the Owner have any responsibility with regard to the cleanliness of the premises?

The Contractor shall at all times keep the premises free from accumulations of waste materials or rubbish caused by his employees. Rubbish shall not be thrown from windows or other parts of the structure without the use of rubbish chutes. At the completion of the Work, the Contractor shall remove all temporary work, its rubbish therefrom and all his tools, scaffolding and surplus materials and turn over the work for occupancy.


All dirt, stains, and the like on all finishing of floors, walls and ceiling, decorative work, finishing hardware and fixtures shall be removed.


All woodwork, finishing hardware and all metal works shall be cleaned and polished. All glazing, marble and tile work shall be washed and cleaned. The Contractor shall also clean the site as shown in the Drawings and all areas which the Contractor used in the execution of the project.


If the Contractor fails to clean up after due notice at the completion of the Work, the Owner may do so and the cost thereof charged to the Contractor.


If a dispute arises between the Contractor and separate contractors as to their responsibility for cleaning up, the Owner may clean up the site and charge the cost thereof to the contractors responsible therefor as the Owner shall determine to be just.