How are payments determined and paid?

Except in cases where unit prices form the basis for payment under the Contract, the Contractor shall, within fifteen days from the receipt of Notice to Proceed or from commencement of the Work, submit a Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value of the Contract Amount. This Breakdown shows the value assigned to each part of the work and thus is used as the basis for all Requests for Payment. It may also be used for determining the value of uncompleted work.


The Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value is what the Owner will use to estimate the value of work accomplished by the Contractor, serving as a basis for compensation.


The Owner shall estimate the value of work accomplished by the Contractor using as basis the schedule stipulated in the Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value. Such estimate of the Owner of the amount of work performed shall be taken as the basis for the compensation to be received by the Contractor. While such preliminary estimates of amount and quantity shall not be required to be made by strict measurement or with exactness, they must be made as close as possible to the actual percentage of work accomplishment.


The Contractor may submit not more than once each month a Request for Payment. Each request shall be computed from the work completed on all items listed in the Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value, less a retention of 10% of the progress payment to the Contractor. When 50% of the Contract has been accomplished, no further retention shall be made on progress billings for the balance of the Work.


In general, and unless the Contract provides otherwise, no payment shall be made for materials or items not incorporated in the work, except where such acquisition is made necessary due to shortages or to transportation difficulties or other similar causes in which case, payment shall be made conditioned upon the submission by the Contractor of bills of sale or upon compliance with such other procedures as will establish the Owner's title to such material or item or otherwise adequately protect the Owner's interest.


When a Request for Payment is submitted, the Owner shall, within 30 days from receipt thereof: (i) evaluate and certify the Contractor's accomplishment; and (ii) pay the amount as certified. If the Owner fails to pay on time, the Owner shall also pay interest thereon, computed from the due date in accordance with the 30-day regular loan rate of the Lank Bank of the Philippines prevailing on the due date.


For  payments made in excess of ninety percent (90%) of the Contract Price, the Owner shall require the Contractor to submit a sworn  statement to the effect that all bills for labor, other than current wages, and all bills for materials have been duly paid by the Contractor and his Sub-contractor, if any, excepting only such bills as may be enumerated in such sworn statement. The Contractor shall render the Owner free and harmless from any claims and payment of such bills, and shall indemnify the Owner the cost of defending himself against such claims.