How must the Contractor conduct his or her work?

The Contractor shall use such methods and appliances for the performance of the Work as will ensure its timely  completion and of the required quality.


If, at any time before the commencement or during the progress of the Work, such methods or appliances appear to the Owner to be inefficient or inappropriate for producing the quality of work required, or insuring the required rate of progress, the Owner may order the Contractor to increase the rate of their efficiency, or to improve their system of operation. The Contractor must comply with such order. Failure, however, of the Owner to demand such increase of efficiency or improvement of the character or methods of work or of the appliances shall not relieve the Contractor from his obligation to turn out such quality of work and rate of progress as are called for  in the Contract.


All stakes and benchmarks placed by the Contractor in laying out the work and approved by the Owner shall be carefully guarded and preserved by the Contractor. Unless such stakes or marks are displaced or rendered useless through the carelessness or neglect of the Owner or of his agents or employees, they shall be replaced by the Contractor at his expense.