May the Owner make corrections to the shop drawings? If there are corrections, what is the process for re-submission of those documents?

The Owner may make corrections, if he desires. In that case, the Contractor shall make the corrections in the shop drawings required by the Owner and file with the latter three (3) corrected copies.


Satisfactory shop drawings will be identified by the Owner, dated, and one (1) copy will be returned to the Contractor. 

Should shop drawings be disapproved by the Owner, one (1) set of such shop drawings will be returned to the Contractor indicating therein the corrections and changes to be made.

The Contractor shall make the required corrections and changes and resubmit the shop drawings, in duplicate (two copies), until the Owner's approval is obtained.

Upon receipt of approval, the Contractor shall insert the date of approval on the tracings and promptly furnish the Owner with three (3) additional prints of approved drawings.