Other than the submission of a request for payment, are there any other documents or requirements that the Contractor must complete?

Yes, for the construction of buildings, the Contractor shall submit, before final payment, several documents including:

        Certificate of Final Building Occupancy, unless such certificate cannot be obtained.

        Certificate of Final Inspection of utilities, unless such certificate cannot be obtained.

        Original and three (3) sets of prints of "As-Built Drawings" of Electrical, Sanitary, Gas, Telephone and Mechanical works, if such works are within the scope of the Contract. "As-Built Drawings" are the working drawings showing the system and actual locations of outlets, fixtures, services and equipment that were installed.

        Three (3) copies of Directory of Panel Boards and list of circuits.

        Three (3) copies of Instructions and Manual for operating and maintaining of fixtures and equipment.

        Three (3) copies of Keying Schedule.

        A release of liens arising under the Contract as provided in Article 34.01, and the sworn statements required in Article 22.09 (A) and Article 22.07.