What happens if the Owner discovers any defects?

If there are any defects, the Owner shall issue a punch list, which the Contractor must receive not later than thirty (30) days from the date of substantial completion. The Owner may add to the punch list items, not later than sixty (60) days from date of substantial completion corrective work on the items in the original punch list or lists. The period of thirty days, calculated from the date of receipt by the Contractor of the last item in the punch list submitted, is known as the "Period of Making Good of Known Defects or Faults".


The Contractor shall execute at his own expense all works necessary for making good of known defects, imperfections or faults.


If, in the opinion of the Owner, the defect or fault in the punch list is due to a cause attributable to it, the value of such work shall be ascertained and paid for as if it were additional work.


If the Contractor shall fail to do any such corrective work, the Owner shall, upon written notice to the Contractor, be entitled to carry out such work by his own workmen or by other contractors, and charge the cost thereof to the Contractor. The Owner may withhold an amount not exceeding the Contract cost of executing such work from the payment to the Contractor.