What happens when there is delay in the completion of the Work?

Time is an essential feature of the Contract.


Upon failure of the Contractor to complete the Work within the Completion Time, the Contractor shall be liableto pay the Owner liquidated damages in the amount stipulated in the Contract as indemnity. The Owner may deduct from any sum due the Contractor the amount which has accrued as liquidated damages. Liquidated damages shall accrue from the first day of delay in completing the work within the Completion Time until the date of substantial completion as determined under Article 20.11.


The amount of damages for corrective works uncompleted within the Period of Making Good of Known Defects shall be based on the value of such uncompleted corrective work in the Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value for approved billings.


However, there are also certain instances when the Contractor shall have the right to suspend performance of the Work. For example, he or she may suspend the performance of the Work upon failure of the Owner to pay approved billings under the conditions provided in Article 27. The Contractor will also be entitled to the payment of interest under Article 22.05.