When does Work commence and what is the period for its completion?

Unless a later date is provided, it generally commences within seven days from receipt of the Notice to Proceed, which notice shall be issued by the Owner to the Contractor only when the Contract so provides. Premature commencement of construction shall be at the Contractor's risk unless it is due to their mutual desire to have the Contractor commence the work early, and the Owner gives the Contractor express or implied authority to do so.


The Contractor shall complete the Work in accordance with the Contract within the period fixed therein and as adjusted due to changes both directed and constructive.


For projects involving several phases of work with milestones, commencement date shall be reckoned from the time the Contractor receives the Notice to Proceed and/or Possession of Site for each milestone as shall be necessary to enable the Contractor to execute the contract works in accordance with the schedule stipulated in the Contract.